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Horizon Power to install vanadium flow battery for pilot trial in WA


Aug 8, 2023

A Western Australia government-owned power company that provides power supply, Horizon Power, has signed an agreement to purchase a cutting-edge vanadium redox flow battery

VSUN Energy, an Australian Vanadium Limited subsidiary, will purchase, install, and commission the vanadium revolutionary battery system.

Horizon Power’s vanadium redox flow battery technology will be the 220kWh battery capable of delivering up to 78kW of power that will help Western Australia by providing 100% renewable energy for long periods.

The batteries are manufactured by UK-based Invinity Energy Systems. The company will sell its 0.2 MWh Invinity VS3 flow battery system to VSUN, which will install, operate and maintain the energy storage system.

Vanadium batteries have exceptional features, including temperature flexibility, long-duration capacity, and stable energy storage in harsh environments. Also, vanadium battery technology has the potential to provide a sustainable, long-term solution for microgrids and off-grid power systems, paving the way for a greener and more resilient energy landscape.

These batteries can store large amounts of energy and provide significant backup power during peak demand or power outages. Doing so minimizes the need for costly fossil fuel generation and grid infrastructure upgrades. Vanadium flow batteries will always discharge completely without decaying or losing capacity. These batteries also enable more sustainable energy as the electrolyte used in vanadium flow batteries can be reused, meaning there is no need to mine fresh vanadium to replace the battery.

The vanadium battery is due to arrive in Perth in early 2024. After thorough testing, she will be flown to Kununurra to begin the pilot program. Horizon Power is excited to demonstrate the potential of long-term, 100% renewable energy and Horizon Power envisions a future where such solutions power the company’s vast 2.3 million square-kilometer networks.

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